Employee to Enterprising – Awaken your Enterprising Dreams

I and a Life Coach specializing in helping budding entrepreneurs reach their dreams. I help Employees discover their Enterprising selves so they can create financial stability and eventual financial freedom.

What does Employee to Enterprising mean?

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  1. Feeling good enough about yourself
  2. Having enough self-worth to want to seek – ADVANTAGES AND OPPORTUNITIES that will make a difference in your future

And by doing so you will increase your:

  1. Confidence
  2. Courage – you have it
  3. Creativity – We are all creative thinkers, you just have to become aware of your
  4. Your Self-worth
  5. Your ENTERPRISING nature
  6. You could achieve the financial stability and financial freedom you dream of.
  7. Live out Your Purpose to the full doing something you love!


  • True – You are working for a boss on his terms and making his dreams come true
  • You are a person employed for wages or salary which is often not of your own choosing
  • You are a Member of staff · member of the workforce · blue-collar worker · white-collar
  • Non of the above is your own choice but more often because you feel you have no choice
As an employee is your job really permanent or is it precarious? Food for Thought.
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If you are an EMPLOYEE, it is essential for you to explore your ENTERPRISING self, it is a must! With the world economy the way it is right now it has never been more evident that although you may have permanent employment at the moment with benefits, you cannot rely on that lasting forever. You could lose it at the drop of a hat.

My Story

I intended working until I was 65 before retiring however, I was placed into retirement way before I had intended to and the consequence of that was that my retirement funding fell well short of my planning! The net result was that I was caught with my pants down and had to make survival plans hastily.

Thankfully I heard rumors circulating that my employer was going to sell the business to a large company and at my age I would probably not fit with the new setup. I immediately took stock of my situation, looked at my skills and formulated a new blueprint of what I wanted my future to look like.

Fortunately I had a small investment which I was able to use while I contemplated my future and was able to support my new venture. I am definitely not ready to hang up my gloves yet!

When You Retire An Employee It Is Like Burning A Library – unknown

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I knew I wanted to be of service to other people, do something which I love and have a passion for. I wanted to dictate my own working hours and determine my own working conditions. I also wanted to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

I have been on one hell of a ride in my life and career, I’m sure I could write a book or two! I had more than enough business and personal skills and experience which, I know now, was preparing me for my future. I was crystal clear on what I wanted to do and how I was going to achieve it.

I knew for sure I did not want to work for a boss again and I definitely did not want to drive 12km to work and 12km back home which left me sitting in dismal traffic for an hour each way. I would rather chew my wrists off!!

With blueprint in hand and heart, I could navigate my direction with confidence knowing that I would never have to work for a boss again and I could help people everyday drawing from my vast business experience.


The pandemic has certainly shaken up the economy and as companies are fighting to keep their heads above water. The reality is that these companies are having to make extremely difficult decisions so they can cut costs just to stay afloat. They are in a continuous fluid state as they feel out this new normal and how they are going to survive it.

What this means for you as the employee is that your job security remains in the line of fire. We have all heard of the salary cuts and job cuts that are being implemented. This means you can no longer rely solely on your job for your financial security and eventual financial freedom.

You have to take ACTION!

Do you want to fix the problem with a band aid?  No, that is why you need to become enterprising

My question for you is:

How are you going to pivot yourself to fit into the new normal and still provide for your financial security and stability?

The bottom line is that you need extra money to ensure your financial security. How are you going to achieve getting the extra cash?

Would you be fulfilled and secure if you chose any of the options below? Are they even options?

  • You Could Get a Second Salaried Job?
  • You Could cancel your subscriptions?
  • Cancel your Insurance?
  • Move to cheaper accommodation?
  • Cut your entertainment?
  • Cancel your holidays?

Yes sure, cutting back on your expenses could help. However, it is only a short term solution but the reality of the matter is that you need a more permanent and long-term solution and here is why. It is pointless just sticking a band aid on the dilemma you are facing and jeopardizing your long term financial security.

If You Know Better, You Can Do Better – YES, read that again!

IF YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU CAN DO BETTER! Yes, that is true. I am sure you want only what is best for you and your family. You need to put your fears aside and take action, you have it within yourself to be ENTERPRISING. I’m not suggesting that you throw out what you have now and start all over again, not at all.

Unearth your Enterprising Self

Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss or having your own business? Off course you have, being self-employed puts you in the driving seat and with modern technology you can start off with for instance with a small part time side hustle and then scale your business as you you get busier.

I want you to think of the one small thing you can do today that would make your ideal future a step closer to your dream. Just one thing, that is all.

You see this is what will happen: What I suggest is that you take small steps each day which will all add up to a big leap forward.

  • Week 1: 7 steps closer
  • Week 2: 14 steps closer
  • Week 3: 21 steps closer
  • Week 4: 28 steps closer
  • Week 52: 365 steps closer

Ok, so I know we are all human and will skip a day here and there but you get the idea, little changes can have big results! You just have to commit to yourself and your bright future that is possible.

I look forward to working with you so you can achieve your dreams at your pace with a whole lot of support from me! I am a Certified Coach who is able to assess your needs so that we can work on your PERSONALISED BLUE-PRINT together so that you can achieve your GOALS and PURPOSE!