What has The Pandemic done for your Financial Independence & Security?

This pandemic has played absolute havoc with our lives. Economies have crashed. Financial Independence & Security has been tossed into a cloud of uncertainty and a future of negative growth is a real possibility. Now is the time to urgently re-imagine the outlook for your Financial Independence & Security to safeguard your stability and future.

Are you one of the few lucky ones who enjoy Financial Independence & Security or Financial Freedom? My guess is your answer is no? Don’t fear though, it does not matter how difficult your situation has been or may still get, there is there is always hope and help available and we should embrace it with open arms!

Fear Dissolves Financial Independence & Security!

If you are like most, I would imagine that the pandemic has left you badly shaken if not tumbled! All the financial reports are showing extensive job losses, salary reductions and massive job insecurity.

Economies have been turned on their heads and nobody knows how long it will take to recover. This is unfortunately the state of the economies all over the world. You and I are being left at the short end of the stick. Nobody thought we would see the likes of this pandemic in our lifetimes, but here it is, loud and clear.

Your and my Financial Independence & Security has been left bruised and battered.

As you can see from the the graph below the unemployment in the USA shot up from a near palatable 3.5% average to over 14% in April 2020! Are you part of this statistic or did you have a close shave with it?

Please drop me a line below and let me know how this pandemic has affected your financial security.

Financial Security and Independence depends on the income you can create.  You cant rely on your salary alone anymore
Courtesy Statista 2020 – Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA)

There is no way we can throw in the proverbial towel. We have to get up, dust ourselves off and thank the universe for giving us the opportunity of tomorrow. The time has come for us to face the new normal. Because we have to, at the very least, build our financial security for our own tomorrow?

Together we can now consider what the best way is to re-invent ourselves and our surroundings. We have no choice but to adjust our lives to fit the new normal that we are facing. Together we will claim our Financial Independence & Security which will lead to eventual Financial Freedom, it is not negotiable.

What Is Your New Norm? Are You Going To Put Your Big Boy/Girl Panties On, or, Are You Going To Be A Shrinking Violet? 😉

I want you to think outside of your comfort zone or outside of the box
Photo by Breston Kenya from Pexels

The questions we have to ask ourselves is;

  • How are we going to pivot our lives to fit in with the new normal?
  • What do we do differently?
  • How do we secure our jobs
  • How do we secure our income?
  • What steps can we take to create our own Financial Independence & Security?
  • Do we know how we are going to create Financial Independence?
  • Is it possible to design your journey to Financial Freedom?

We have to change our behavior and our outlook on how we are going to ensure we have INCOME SECURITY and eventual FINANCIAL FREEDOM for our future sanity.

Are you feeling petrified that next time you may not be lucky enough to keep your job? It is understandable why you want to hang onto your job for dear life now.

You Have A Dilemma!

Did you have a lightbulb moment and realize that you have options?
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Have you ever day dreamed about:

  • Having no grumpy boss?
  • Not being treated like a cash register by your boss?
  • Not having to sit in traffic for hours each day?
  • Being able to choose your working hours?
  • Doing something you love rather than you current 9-5 grind?
  • Working in the field where your talent and passion lies?
  • Having Financial Security besides that of your salary?

I know you are working fulltime and getting home exhausted after having every ounce energy sucked out of you. But bear with me because there is good news. We all know that if you want a different result to what you have now, you have to change things up, even if you are a bit uncomfortable! What you do now affects the result you will get tomorrow.

Your talent & knowledge is your nugget of gold
Photo by PIX1861

How about using your talent and passion to reinventing your current situation into a golden nugget?

It will take some work, perseverance and commitment, I won’t lie, but you will come out at the other end much stronger as a person and with your dreams of Financial Independence & Security in tact.

Even though you are working full time it is possible to uncover your talents and put them to good. Having a fulltime job is a blessing, so be grateful because it allows you to harness other possibilities at your own pace.

The other really good news is that you don’t have to tackle this by yourself. I am here to help and guide you.


Thought provoking - hire freelance writer and proof reader.  Think outside of the box
Picture by: Kaboompics .com – Pexels

Freelance Writers For Hire specialize in writing, they live and breathe it.

Writing is what Freelance Writers do best, and they love it!  Writers have the ability to get into your head and most importantly into the head of your prospective client. Freelance writers are uniquely talented and can take your idea and message and make them sing.

  • Your client will find your message more easily because the article or page will be search engine friendly i.e. Search Engine Optimized (SEO).
  • Because the message you want to convey is expertly written the client will have a full understanding of the message you want to convey.
  • And above all the client will know exactly why they should use your product or service.

In today’s economic climate all business will benefit from bit of a push. So, you’ve set up a website and decide to write the web copy yourself.  Bad move! 

You are an expert at whatever it is that your business does; Freelance Writers are experts in their craft. Forget about what you learnt at school, it is almost irrelevant with the advance in technology and user behavior.

Your website is the face of your company and it will work extremely hard for you. And on the other hand IF you skimp on the quality of the copy that you present to your prospective clients, all the bells and whistles in the world will not help you.  Remember that first impressions count and the same is also true for your website. 

Clients generally make up their minds within seconds whether they are going to spend time on your site or hop back to the endless list of other options available to them.

Advertising as we knew it has shrunk away into nothingness, no more printed flyers or newspaper ads.  TV ads are not affordable so now what?


So you get yourself a good-looking website with whatever bells and whistles take your fancy however you see no improvement in your business and don’t understand why.  Let me shed some light on the matter.

Picture by Kehn Hermano – Pexels

You can have the prettiest website with all the bells and whistles but if your content is sub standard clients will click away within seconds!

Freelance Writers are experts at what they do

  1. They, the freelance writers, live and breathe content writing that delivers.
  2. Freelance writers know how to take your content to the next level that will give you the best chance to convert a click into a sale.
  3. Freelance Writers have a very good understanding of customer behavior and requirements.
  4. They know how to harness the power of persuasion to hook your clients.
  5. Writers have a very good understanding of what search engines such as Google scan for so that when a prospective client is doing a search, your website can be offered.
  6. Freelance Writers can write in such a way that is easy for clients to understand your product and or the service you provide.
  7. Freelance writers are able to refine and perfect the message which you would like to convey to your potential clients.
  8. By using a Freelance Writer you are giving your business the best possible chance of being visible and attractive online.

Is this you?

Business is seriously stressed at this stage but if you are also stressed it is an explosive situation. Not only could your health be negatively affected but it could be disastrous for your business. Potential client can sense the stress you radiate and that is not a good reflection.

If the truth be told your potential clients have their own dose of stress and are busy people who know what they want.  They do their research before buying anything and they want a result now. Clients prefer to deal with calm suppliers who are confident and not adding to their stress.

Photo by pixaoppa–2725846 on Canva

Clients don’t drive from one place to the other like they did yesteryear. It’s too time consuming so they go onto their favorite search engine and bingo, their options are plentiful. They can search to see loads of options that are available to best suit their needs. All this info available at their fingertips.

If your website and copy is not instantly catchy and engaging they let their fingers do the walking and exit your site quicker than you can snap your fingers.

Freelance Writers can help alleviate your stress so you can concentrate on your core business.

Don’t be mistaken by thinking that that Freelance Writers are not affordable. Rates are very reasonable and if you take into account the value that these professionals would add to your business, it is would be unthinkable for you not to, at the very least, investigate the service they offer.

  • Engaging copy
  • Search Engine Optimized Copy
  • Convert clicks into sales
  • Update your old website with relevant copy
  • Perfect the message you are giving your clients

If you currently have a website or you realize with the way modern technology has progressed you need a website. What do you do?

Without hesitation you get a website or update your old one with great copy that sells.

The Way to Achieve Your Dream

In your business you are an expert at what you do.
Why would you not engage with an expert to perfect the copy on your website?


Thank you for joining me! In this blog I will discuss with you the 5 Reasons why you may like to become a freelance writer.

We have all had a journey to follow in our careers and then one day you realise that you need to live your life, not work your life away. Yes it is a lightbulb moment!

You are capable, you are knowledgeable, you are you!

Someone once said if you do what you love you will never have to work another day in your life! Yes that sounds great however don’t get me wrong freelance writing is a lot of work and you will have to learn all sorts of exiting new stuff. I did and I’m 61 years young. The amazing thing is that there is so much useful information out there that irrespective of your abilities you can learn new skills.

Needless to say if you don’t like writing, researching this is not for you, however if you are exited check out the 5 Reasons to be a Freelance Writer, let’s go!

1. Do what you love as a freelance writer

Freelance writing gives you the opportunity to work in the field that really interests you because you can choose in what genre you would like to specialise or which niche as the lingo goes. The obvious choice for you would be to be a freelance writer in an area which you most enjoy, be it business related of one of your hobbies.

If you have a special knowledge lets say insurance that would fall under the business category whereas if you love gardening and want to write about that because that makes it happy then do it. The choice is yours.

2. As a Freelance writer you have choices

You can choose if you would like to write for businesses i.e. Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Client (B2C), or;

You could choose write How to guides, recipes, blog time saving tips etc. The list is as endless as your drive and imagination.

You could write web pages for clients and off course it would be wise for you to establish your own website so you would be writing for yourself as well.

3. Unleash your inquisitive mind as a freelance writer

In the process of setting yourself up as a freelance writer you will be doing lots of research and although initially it may seem like a daunting task you will surprise yourself at how quickly it becomes this great adventure of discovery.

You will leap onto your computer every day ready to make new discoveries whether it is learning how to blog, setting up your website or researching for a client assignment.

4. Self improvement by the bucket load

You will learn how to project and time manage yourself. As a freelance writer you will learn to prospect for new business, schedule your workload.

As your business grows so will your abilities and self confidence. All you have to do is get up each morning with will power and determination. You should want to help others be the best they can be so you can be your best self.

5. Yes you can earn a living from freelance writing

Off course you will be able to replace your current income and then some providing you work at it. It will not just fall into your lap. You will have to hustle for business and the best way is to use your blog and social media marketing strategies to your advantage. Do your homework, do your due diligence.

Before investing into any course or resource check out the comments on the suppliers website. I did the Elna Cain Freelance Writing course and her Bloggers Website in a weekend and found both invaluable as it gave me direction.

I read tons of articles relating to freelance writing, some resonated with me and others not. Trust your gut.

This is a great outlet for your creativity in both word and visuals.

Color your world with words!

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