About Me

I'm a Freelance Writer and Proof Reader

Need help with your writing for the digital market? I'm here to help you!

  • With my quality freelance writing and proofreading you can grow your business and can regain control of your time!

Why me?

I have extensive experience in business. Asset finance, short term insurance and customer retention are my forte.

  • I write high quality content which is search-engine and social media friendly.
  • My good understanding of digital marketing strategies will be of great benefit to your business.
  • With your brief I will write targeted content for your audience which is engaging, interesting and innovative.
  • It is important for you to know that I understand that you need to grow your business, irrespective if it is big or small.
  • My extensive experience in the production side of film, television and commercials is a great asset to draw upon.

Working with me will help you to take full advantage of the digital age in which we live and operate. I take particular care to ensure my writing is audience attractive and friendly.

In order to maximise the visibility of your business on the digital platforms, my writing is optimized for SEO and SMO.

Who am I?

I am FREELANCE DIGITAL MARKETING WRITER, BLOGGER and PROOFREADER, the proud parent of two awesome grown-up children.

Some of my personal interests are:

- challenging myself to learn something new daily

- living life to the fullest, yes I am fun loving.

- cake decoration, baking and cooking

- gardening, I'm a wanna-be greenfinger

- I'm into alternative and natural remedies and therapies

- I absolutely love crystals and have a great collection

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